TONG TONG FAIR May 27- June 2nd

May 27th, Tong Tong Theatre
16.00 : Opening speches with  Boi Akih en Klaus Kuiper, Leila S.Chudori and Vilan van de Loo

May 28th, Tong Tong Theatre
16.30 Trans/lit: Marije Plomp interviews author Leila S. Chudori and translator of bestselling novel “Pulang” (Naar Huis, published by De Geus) Henk Maier

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May 29th,Tong Tong Theatre
17.30 : Reading Pulang/Naar Huis/Home in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Dutch by author Leila S.Chudori and. Jarvey van Galen

May 31th, Tong Tong Theatre
16.30: Martijn Eickhoff (NIOD) interviews Aboeprijadi Santoso (IPT1965) and Leila S.Chudori (author of “Pulang”) on 50 Years of 1965 tragedy and how it meant to the todays Indonesian generation.